Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Fun Patterns For Your Play Kitchen

It's taco time! Get the fiesta started with this tasty pattern! Crunchy & soft tacos, Steak fajitas with pepper strips & mushrooms, colorful tortilla chips (restaurant style), and finally, a spicy garnish of jalapeno and red chili peppers!

It's Toasteriffic! For a pretend breakfast in a hurry- what could be better than a pretend toaster? Just pop your favorite toaster food in, and voila! Breakfast is ready!! From a poppy seed bagel with removable cream cheese, little square waffles with separate syrup & butter, to a chocolate iced toaster pastry with a vanilla drizzle on top- this pattern makes it all.

Fire up your pretend grill- and invite all of your friends- it's time for a Backyard Barbeque! Whether your BBQ favorite is a juicy T-bone steak, a hot dog on a bun, or a cheeseburger with all the fixings- this pattern has got it all! Flip your steak & burger with a fun spatula, and turn your hot dog with working tongs.

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