Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Pattern!

Here comes the Easter Bunny! Look what he has in his fun felt Easter basket! A tall sweet dark chocolate bunny, a cute little milk chocolate bunny, jelly bean sugar cookies, decorated egg shaped sugar cookies - and you can't forget the colorful marshmallow bunnies! Tuck it all inside the woven Easter basket- and play away!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Felt Friends Patterns!

Welcome to the Cupcake Cottage ~ where life is sweet, and friendship is bountiful! Lilly and Violet are the tiny friends who reside here, spending their days playing games and baking cupcakes of course.

Super, square with a retro flair!! Introducing Rocky Robot. Take him to space, to the movies, or his favorite- dance the robot! Finished robot size is approx 15" (38.1 cm) tall, and 13" (33 cm) arm span. Cool claws for hands, "gears" and a faux wind up key in the back.

Meet Miss Ginger Greeneyes, and Pepper Pocketmouse! They are the best of friends- and go everywhere together. Their favorite past time however is climbing trees. Ginger measures almost 14" tall when finished, has the sweetest pink pads on her paws (even the legs) and the cutest curly tail. Pepper is a teeny tiny little thing- at only 1.5" long.

This is Co-Co~ the ballerina bunny. She is dressed up for her first recital~ in her pink tu-tu, and ballet slippers. Super sweet & petite she measures about 17" from the top of her ears- to the tips of her toes.

More Fun Patterns For Your Play Kitchen

It's taco time! Get the fiesta started with this tasty pattern! Crunchy & soft tacos, Steak fajitas with pepper strips & mushrooms, colorful tortilla chips (restaurant style), and finally, a spicy garnish of jalapeno and red chili peppers!

It's Toasteriffic! For a pretend breakfast in a hurry- what could be better than a pretend toaster? Just pop your favorite toaster food in, and voila! Breakfast is ready!! From a poppy seed bagel with removable cream cheese, little square waffles with separate syrup & butter, to a chocolate iced toaster pastry with a vanilla drizzle on top- this pattern makes it all.

Fire up your pretend grill- and invite all of your friends- it's time for a Backyard Barbeque! Whether your BBQ favorite is a juicy T-bone steak, a hot dog on a bun, or a cheeseburger with all the fixings- this pattern has got it all! Flip your steak & burger with a fun spatula, and turn your hot dog with working tongs.