Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gulf Coast Cottage PDF

Last year for my Daughters birthday- I was looking for safe, imaginative, toys. It was really difficult to be sure the items I found in stores were REALLY safe. So- I commissioned my Father to build a kitchen set from solid wood- (immediately upon it's completion it was painted pink) and there began my obsession with felt.

I had never really been a big fan of felt- (things certainly have changed) but it seemed to be a great medium to start with. Being a professional upholsterer and seamstress- it was a task that was new and exciting. And so, my designs of play food have been coming ever since.

Welcome to the grand opening for Gulf Coast Cottage PDF your new resource for fabulous DIY patterns! Now you can know exactly what the things your children play with are made from- because YOU made it!

All of the patterns I make are inspired by my children and everyday life. A small sampling of what we offer.....

Four Fabulous Felt Mini Cupcakes pattern....a sampler sure to satisfy every ones taste! Carrot cake, pink frosting with a cherry on top, cocoa lemon chiffon and a chocolate mini cuppy with a drizzle of vanilla icing. Yum!!

Get ready for Thanksgiving early with this tasty Drumstick Dinner pattern- complete with mashed potatoes & gravy, and bright baby carrots!

Invite all of your bears and dollies- it's time for a tea party! Make some Tea Party Sweets for your next get together, whether it be real OR pretend!


Nothinglikeit said...

LOVE your felt food patterns! Your ETSY shop should be a BIG success!

egassner said...

So cute! I love your creations. Do you sell them or just the patterns only?